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How to translate your website?

While many companies would like to transform their website into a multilingual visitor and customer platform, they often take fright at the task of starting up a localisation project. For those companies, Translink has created a full-service website translation formula with a clear schedule and transparent pricing structure, as well as an efficient update strategy.

Whether your website is intended for purely informative purposes or whether it operates as a fully functional e-business platform, our translators and localisation experts will make your website localisation project a success.

Our workflow consists of the following stages:

Analysis of your website localisation project

  • suitability for localisation of current material
  • cultural suitability of images, design and content
  • formal conventions
  • deciding on structure of the multilingual site
  • which part(s) of the website should be translated
  • determine strategy for dealing with html, Java and CGI scripts, etc.

Management of your website localisation project

  • download your files directly from your website
  • anticipate possible problems
  • determine an update strategy for multilingual content
  • manage multilingual content, including glossaries
  • assign the various tasks to members of our staff or partners
  • implement the most cost-effective methods and procedures
  • keep client informed on progress
  • respect budget and timescale agreed upon

Localisation of your website

  • translation of content, adaptation of specific cultural references
  • translation of all non html site components such as scripts, applets, animations and multimedia content
  • adaptation of format of dates, time indications, addresses, symbols, etc.
  • compilation of multilingual terminology lists (these can be made available to you upon request)
  • proof-reading and application of QA-procedures
  • adaptation/translation of graphic content (buttons, etc.)

Testing your localised website

  • check formatting of translated versions vs original
  • run tests on different machines and platforms to make sure everything works fine

Updating your website content

Localising your website naturally also implies regularly updating its content in all languages supported. We assign a project manager who performs this otherwise time-consuming task for you.

The use of state-of-the-art memory translation tools allows us to update the content of your website quickly and at a low cost. This is because your entire website is mirrored on our systems. Every time you want to update your site, you just send an e-mail to your project manager, stating the URL of the page(s) that has/have been updated. The updated content will be sent to you in the correct html document, ready for uploading.