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How much does it cost?

We are conscious of the fact that many companies have sofar been reluctant to provide multilingual web content because of the costs involved. For that reason, we have developped a transparent, no-surprise pricing stucture that should allow even organisations with very limited budgets to take the next step in their web presence strategy.

Pricing structure

  • Translation of html content
  • Translation/localisation of keywords and meta tags
  • Translation/localisation of artwork and navigation buttons

Add 0.02 EUR/word to the rate indicated in our technical translations price-list.

Adaptation/update of content
  • startup cost of 50.00 EUR, no matter how many pages need to be updated
  • translation cost at standard rate for web sites (see above), no extra charge

Mail us your URL to obtain a free quote for the translation of your website (please state the target language(s)).