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MSDS Glossaries

This small dictionary contains about 180 terms and expressions commonly found on material safety data sheets. The dictionary is sorted alphabetically on the English terms; if you prefer another sorting order, please consult the pages in French or Dutch. We will update these data as we encounter new relevant terms, so you might want to check back regularly, or leave a note so we can keep you posted on updates.

Common abbreviations
Here you will find a list of abbreviations and acronyms that we found on MSDSs we translated. Some of these are very common (e.g. BOD for Biochemical/Biologocial Oxygen Demand), while others are less frequently used (e.g. CAR for Carcinogenic Effects). This information is intended primarily to help users and translators interpret the data on an SDS and other documents produced by the chemical industry. Please read the cautionary note before using any of the abbreviations in your own MSDS or health and safety documents.

Official Acronyms
This glossary contains the official acronyms of institutions, government bodies, state, national and federal laws, regulations and dangerous chemical substances lists and indexes found on MSDS, safety and transport labels, and other documentation dealing with dangerous goods and regulatedchemical substances and preparations. If the geographical origin of an institution is not clear from its full name, the relevant country is mentioned in parentheses, sometimes with the date of establishement or incorporation.